21 dinner

Our private rooms have stunning views of the harbour, making them the perfect setting for a 21 dinner

We can create a 3 or 4-course menu, with plenty of options in terms of wines, cocktails and other drinks. If there are certain wishes in terms of menu, we can look at the possibilities together. A shared dining dinner or walking dinner is also an option. 


Something to celebrate?

Of course, our private space is also suitable for a wedding, birthday dinner or baby shower or any other occasion. Within this space, there are plenty of options for decoration and different table arrangements.

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21-diner at restaurant i-dock

A perfect 21 dinner in a restaurant is all about attention to detail, good planning and creating a memorable experience for the guest of honour and the other guests. Here are a few things to consider when organising a dinner party, of course we will support you every step of the way!

I-Dock as a venue for a 21 dinner in Amsterdam

When you choose Restaurant I-Dock located in the centre of Amsterdam, we will look together at menu options for dinner. Make reservations well in advance to ensure you get the date and time you want, especially our private space in our restaurant is popular. 

Theme & decoration

Consider a theme for the dinner and adapt the decorations accordingly. This can include table decorations, banners, balloons and flower arrangements. Of course, I-Dock already has its own cosy atmosphere which serves perfectly for a 21 dinner. We have stylish decor full of plants and flowers and warm tones. However, if desired, your own decoration is also possible. 

Menu & dietary requirements

Work with the restaurant to create a menu that appeals to different tastes. We make sure dietary requirements and allergies of guests are taken into account. Vegetarian, meat or fish, we can provide it all. Even if there are requests for guests who are vegan, this is no problem. 

Welcome drinks, snacks & speech

Consider serving welcome drinks and snacks on arrival to get the evening started. Restaurant I-Dock offers several options in our wide range of snacks and drinks. A glass of bubbly at the entrance guarantees a great start to a wonderful evening at our restaurant!

Book your 21 Dinner at Restaurant I-Dock

Make your 21st birthday the day of your dreams at I-Dock Restaurant in Amsterdam. Take today contact with our dedicated events team to discuss all options and make your booking. Together, we can then fine-tune your requirements and look forward to celebrating this special moment with you and making it an unforgettable day. We look forward to seeing you at I-Dock!