Gala dinner

Our private room has a beautiful view of the harbour, making it the perfect setting for a gala dinner.

We can create a 3, 4 or 5-course menu, with plenty of options in terms of wines, cocktails and other drinks too. Our private dining is the ideal space for this, so there is also room for your own music, speeches, etc. 

We can discuss the ambience setting together. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


Something to celebrate?

Of course, our private space is also suitable for a wedding, birthday dinner or baby shower or any other occasion. Within this space, there are plenty of options for decoration and different table arrangements.

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A gala dinner in a private room of a restaurant

A gala dinner in a private room of a restaurant can be an excellent choice for an elegant and intimate event. Here are some steps you can follow to organise a gala dinner in a private restaurant space.

Booking and costs

Starting with booking the private space of restaurant I-Dock. Contact us on for the desired date and time of gala dinner. We will then discuss availability, costs, and any minimum expenses

Menu choices

Together with Restaurant I-Dock, we will put together the menu that suits the atmosphere of a gala dinner. We have menus available which we can adjust if necessary. We also discuss guests' dietary requirements or allergies so that I-Dock can take them into account.

Beverage package

Consider offering a special drinks package, such as wine and cocktail pairing, to complement your gala dinner. Restaurant I-Dock also offers a wine pairing which we will coordinate with the dinner. You can already our menu view to get inspiration. 


Decoration and atmosphere

You can discuss with Restaurant I-Dock how you want to decorate the private room to create a festive and elegant atmosphere. You can add flowers, candles, tablecloths and other decorations. Of course, I-Dock already has some available and we can look at your wishes together. 


Consider whether you would like to add live entertainment, such as a band, a DJ or a speaker, to your gala dinner to enhance the atmosphere, there are options which we would be happy to go through with you together. 
The private room at Restaurant I-Dock has its own music system so music choices can be made. The music from our restaurant cannot be heard in the private room of Restaurant I-Dock.

Speeches and toast

Speeches and toasts may be given as part of a gala dinner. Prepare these in advance and make sure guests are aware of the programme. I-Dock may have a microphone and amplifier available which can be used.

Organising a gala dinner in a private room at Restaurant I-Dock requires careful planning and coordination with our team. By discussing all the details in advance and making sure everything is well organised, you can create an unforgettable evening for yourself and your guests.