I-Dock restaurant
IJdok 4
1013 MM Amsterdam
020 891 4891



By car
Underneath Restaurant I-Dock, the IJDock parking is located. An excellent and safe location for your car to park comfortable and affordable. Through online booking you can already park for € 7,50 for several hours. You can reserve the products; lunch, dinner or daytrip parking via this link.

Lunch Parking:     12.00 – 15.00 for € 7,50
Dinner Parking:    18.00 – 01.00 for € 8,50
Daytrip Parking:   00.00 – 24.00 from € 10,00

Beside this package, we also provide 25% discount tickets for parking in our Restaurant. (€ 3,75 per hour and a maximum of € 18,75 per day). This discount ticket is available upon availability. Are you with a (large) group and you want to park your car? Please let us know upfront so we can make sure we have enough for you and your party. To enjoy the best rate we advise you to make a reservation with Interparking upfront.

By Public Transport
The nearest bus stop is at ‘Westerdoksdijk’ where bus stops 48. From here it is a three minute walk. From the central station is a ten minute walk.

By boat
From the IJmeer on the IJ behind Central Station, the Marina at the height of the Korte Prinsengracht. The Marina has 60 berths. Access to the Marina is via the “Vluchthaven” Bridge. This bridge is 3,55 meters high. The operation of the bridge is on demand via VHF Channel 22 or by 020-6241457.

Per bike or walking
From Westerdoksdijk the Island can be entered via the bridge or the street: Ijdok. From the central station is a ten minute walk.